Daniele Rinaldo

Economist, Pianist

Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

I am a visiting scholar at Cambridge University, UK, and principal investigator for the project “Schistosomiasis, Agriculture and Migration in Africa: a joint Economic and Ecological Approach” funded by the Swiss Network of International Studies. My current research studies the economic impact of endemic diseases, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, I work in mathematical economics, especially on applications of stochastic analysis and control to development, health and environmental economics. I am a classical pianist.


  • Development and environmental economics
  • Economics of endemic and emerging diseases
  • Mathematical economics, stochastic modelling and control


  • PhD in Economics, 2018

    The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

  • MSc in Finance, 2009

    University of Padua

  • Soloist Diploma, 2014

    Musik-Akademie Basel

  • MA, piano performance, 2011

    Royal Academy of Music, London


Schistosomiasis, Agriculture and Migration in Africa - A Joint Economic and Ecological Analysis

What are the complex relationships between schistosomiasis, economic development and migration in an African context?


The Economic Impact of Schistosomiasis

We study the economic impact of schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease with a complex transmission cycle which is endemic in many developing countries, by means of its effect on agricultural production. We create a novel dataset that combines high-resolution disease prevalence maps with detailed agricultural and household surveys. We find a large, negative and nonlinear causal effect of the disease on yields. Our empirical results provide further proof of the negative feedback between disease dynamics and water resources development, and are consistent with schistosomiasis constituting a poverty-reinforcing productivity shock.

Can one hear the size of a target zone?

Can one hear the size of a target zone? Yes, if the fundamental process isn’t too destabilized by the underlying risk.

Increasing Risk: Dynamic Mean-Preserving Spreads

We extend the celebrated Rothschild and Stiglitz (1970) definition of Mean-Preserving Spreads to a dynamic framework. We adapt the …

Firm Decisions under Jump-Diffusive Dynamics

A model of firm investment under uncertainty and partial irreversibility in which uncertainty is represented by a jump diffusion.


  • Macroeconomics A
    • Cédric Tille - Autumn 2017
  • Macroeconomics B
    • Yi Huang - Spring 2017 ; Spring 2016 ; Spring 2015
  • Econometrics A
    • Nicolas Berman - Autumn 2017 ; Autumn 2016 ; Autumn 2015 ; Autumn 2014


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