Source Themes

Quickest detection of ecological regime shifts for natural resource management

Forthcoming, Environmental and Resource Economics (2024)

Can one hear the shape of a target zone?

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2023)

Skew-Normal Diffusions

We study stochastic differential equations whose solutions behave according to skewed Gaussian distributions. We uncover a wide new class of diffusions characterized by a Brownian motion with a non-homogeneous drift, obtained via generalized h-transforms of a new class of local martingales. These diffusions are interpretable as partially observable Brownian motions, and can be used as skew-inducing noise sources for any Ito process.

Dams, Snails and Poverty Traps

Irrigation schemes are one of the most important policy responses designed to reduce poverty, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Concomitantly, they facilitate the propagation of schistosomiasis, a water-based debilitating disease that is endemic in …

The Economic Impact of Schistosomiasis

Infectious Diseases of Poverty (2021)

Increasing Risk: Dynamic Mean-Preserving Spreads

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2020)

Firm Decisions under Jump-Diffusive Dynamics

A model of firm investment under uncertainty and partial irreversibility in which uncertainty is represented by a jump diffusion.